[Panel discussion] Rapid adaptations: Covid-19 impact on global trade and supply chains

Tara Joseph
President, American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong
Daniel Yip
Chairman, Federation of Hong Kong Industries
About This Session

With China owning over 15 percent of the global GDP — as well as tens of thousands of factories that are the beating heart of global supply chains — business leaders and investors across the world are fearful that supply chain disruptions in the wake of Covid-19 could impose acute harm to the global economy. Meanwhile, China has lowered billions of dollars of tariffs on US goods in effort to help the country regain its footing. What industries are hit hardest when Chinese production slows down? What is the overall global impact on trade and investment? Could these disruptions push the world to consider a new trading order? What is the impact on SMEs? What does the road to recovery look like once Covid-19 has been contained? Could the fallout from Covid-19 have a meaningful impact on the US-China trade war?